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Every year, BBBSLA impacts more 1,500 youth through five unique mentoring programs that serve children and youth in their communities, schools, and in the workplace. By building a strong, one-to-one and professionally-supported mentoring relationship to serve as a foundation for transformative impact and life skills learning, BBBSLA’s innovative approaches to expanding mentoring opportunities help to close both the achievement and opportunity gaps that exist for too many underserved children and youth.


To provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one mentoring relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.


All children achieve success in life.




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Patti Johnson

Director of Marketing


[email protected]


Karine Melkonian

Director of Finance


[email protected]


Jovan Bowles

Director of Development


[email protected]


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Tamara Bingham - Match Support Specialist Supervisor

[email protected] 213.213.2414

Karey Carr - Match Support Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2422

Luis Ceja - School Based Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2435

Dora Chin - Match Support Specialist

[email protected] 213.327.6313

Daisy Cortes - Match Support Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2405

Maria Cortez - Match Support Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2464

Carlos Donato - Workplace Program Coordinator

[email protected] 213.213.2412

Jose Flores - Enrollment & Matching Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2440

Luis Garcia - Workplace Program Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2463

Deisi Gonzalez - Match Support Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2442

Gabriela Gonzalez - Workplace Program Coordinator

[email protected] 213.213.2425

Lizeth Guevara - Lead Enrollment & Matching Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2402

Sofia Hernandez - Office Manager

[email protected] 213.213.2419

Wendy Herrera Martinez - Match Support Specialist

[email protected] 213-213-2404

Bahar Jeldi - Manager of Workplace Mentoring Programs & Corporate Partnerships

[email protected] 213.213.2421

Lisa Lampon - Manager of School Based Mentoring Program

[email protected] 213.213.2411

Yaiza Lara - Enrollment and Matching Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2431

Wendy Lopez - Match Support Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2406

Michele Lopez - Match Support Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2465

David Lopez-Garvey - Manager of Facilities

[email protected] 213.213.2477

Celina Madrigal - Match Support Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2413

Natalia Magana - Match Support Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2436

Carlos Magana - Match Support Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2410

Keith Mataya - Grants Manager

[email protected] 213.213.2418

Celeste Meza - Executive Assistant

[email protected] 213.213.2438

Sabrina Orozco - Database & Membership Coordinator

[email protected] 213.213.2403

Lesly Peralta - Manager of Community-Based Programs

[email protected] 213.213.2462

Lupe Rincon - Match Support Specialist Supervisor

Lupe.Rinc[email protected] 213.213.2417

Daniel Rodriguez - Special Events Manager

[email protected] 213.213.2420

Yvette Sanchez - College PAC Coordinator

[email protected] 213.213.2413

Melissa Sanchez - Workplace Program Specialist


Krystleblue Santos - School Based Specialist

[email protected] 213.213.2461

Sofia Varona - CRS Intake Specialist & Receptionist

[email protected] 213.213.2426


The Board

The Board steers the strategic direction and vision of the agency as well as ensures fiduciary responsibility.

Laura Lizer - Chair

Lizer & Associates

Rick Unser - Treasurer

Lockton Insurance Brokers

Judge Michael D. Carter - Secretary

Los Angeles Superior Court

Brock Moseley - Vice Chair

Miracle Mile Advisors

Megan Colligan

Mike Daly

Disney Music Group

Roy P. Disney

Shamrock Holdings

Joao Dos Santos

Navigant Consulting

Mike Dowling

Shelli Hill

Inspired by Talent, LLC

Holly Jacobs

Sony Pictures Television

Erin Lavelle

Dalton Investments LLC

Sabin Lomac

Cousins Maine Lobster

Nicole Garris Lorey

Kaiser Permanente

Maria Marill

Sony Pictures Studios

Lance Markowitz

MUFG Union Bank

Nick Meyer

Sierra / Affinity

David Misch

Wells Fargo Securities

Byron G. Mobley, Sr.

CIT/One West Bank

Silas A. Myers

Mar Vista Investment Partners

Ret. Captain Evangelyn Nathan

Los Angeles Police Department

Amy Powell

Paramount Television

Jeffrey Rao

Fidelity Investments

Byron Reed

CIT/One West Bank

Jennifer Salke

NBC Entertainment

Neil Smith

Heritage Probate & Trust

Tim Ward

McKinsey & Company

David Wehrly


Joni M. Weyl

Gemini G.E.L.


Trustees help further the goals and initiatives of the agency.

Adriana Balaban
Rebecca Campbell
Lance Etcheverry
Robert Howard
John Hunter
Max Jong
John Kobara
Sherry Lansing
Damon Lee III
Vicki Martin
Brad Shairson
Steve Soboroff
Nancy Taylor

Junior Board

The Junior Board supports the initiatives of the agency by recruiting new mentors, fundraising, and increasing overall awareness.

Kevin Jessup Treasurer
Juli Logemann Secretary
Christina Thiele-Yancy Co-Chair
Edd Benda Co-Chair
Marissa Enfield
Alice Haliburton
Alex Hernandez
Sara Mald
Stephanie Powers Kurtz
Jon Shigomatsu
Jessica Silvaggio
Jim Tselikis

Alumni Board

The Alumni Board engages alumni Bigs and Littles.

David McMillan Chair
Jason Wilson Vice Chair
Jeremy Weinglass Secretary
Kaj Vazales Treasurer

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The Guild

The Guild supports the goals of the agency through events.

Adriana Balaban
Naomi Bandison-Johnson
Christine Harte
Tree Mangen
Vicki Martin
Noelle Siart
Joni Weyl


BBBSLA has maintained strong and sustained financial stability toward ensuring that our growth best serves our families. Your financial support helps us provide our programs and services throughout Los Angeles County —so we can develop more college grads, community leaders and entrepreneurs. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles is an independent 501(c)3.