Every year, BBBSLA reaches approximately 1,700 youth through five unique mentoring programs that reach children and youth in their communities, schools, and in the workplace. By building a strong, one-to-one and professionally-supported mentoring relationship to serve as a foundation for transformative impact and life skills learning, BBBSLA’s innovative approaches to expanding mentoring opportunities help to close both the achievement and opportunity gaps that exist for too many children and youth.

Community Based

Mentoring has been identified as a critical need among young people in communities nationwide. Our largest areas of need for mentors is men (almost 80% of the children on our waiting list are boys) and men and women who speak Spanish for children coming from monolingual homes. As a proven strategy to help youth facing adversity achieve positive outcomes, the need for high-quality, outcome-based mentoring programs is greater than ever. Through the Community-Based Mentoring Program, Bigs and Littles are paired based on geographic proximity and shared interests and are provided professional support through BBBSLA’s Match Support team. Community-Based matches are encouraged to spend time doing low-cost or free activities that help promote the kind of trusted relationship that helps a young person build self-confidence, think about their future, and, of course, have fun! While the required minimum commitment is 12 months, BBBSLA is pleased to report that our average match length in our Community-Based program is 33 months, a key indicator of success for a child.


of our Littles graduated Highschool this year

“My Big Sister has impacted my life in many ways. She has given me the option to explore different things I may have never seen or thought of if I hadn’t met her… Even though I will be too old to be in the program once I am eighteen, I look forward to continuing the relationship I have with my Big Sister for the rest of my life!”

Little Sister Evelena, Matched since 2012

1 in 3 young people report they never had an adult mentor of any kind (neither naturally occurring, like a parent, nor structured) while they were growing up. Nationwide, 16 million youth will reach age 19 without ever having a mentor.

(Bruce & Bridgeland, Report for MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, 2014)


Our Workplace Mentoring Program connects youth to opportunities to access and learn about the corporate world while cultivating a culture of corporate service that has a lasting impact in the lives of both our Littles and our Bigs. Littles are transported once per month to the site of their Workplace program. They meet with their mentor and engage in a curriculum facilitated by BBBSLA’s staff focused on promoting academic achievement, professional development, and life skills development. Sessions are followed by one-to-one time between Bigs and Littles. Our current partners include: CBS, NFL Network, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Union Bank


of of our High school graduates are college bound


Our School-Based Mentoring Program brings Bigs to elementary schools to provide support and encouragement to Littles who have been identified by their teachers and counselors as children who can benefit from a caring mentor. Littles meet their Bigs over a lunch period or afterschool and engage in activities that encourage the child’s academic and personal development that can include homework help or BBBSLA facilitated programming. When Bigs show up at their Littles’ schools for their weekly time together, they spend quality time, talking, reading, shooting hoops, playing on the playground. Lessons learned through the School-Based Mentoring Program could be anything from help with homework to a greater sense of confidence to a new perspective on staying in school.


of Littles reported improvment in their scholastic competence

High School Bigs

Our High School Bigs Program encourages high-achieving high school students participating in leadership development programs at their schools to serve as Bigs to elementary school Littles. Under the guidance of BBBSLA’s professional staff, High School Bigs are offered an opportunity to apply their leadership skills in a way that instills a value for service and sets an example for some of our youngest Littles. Being able to have hands-on leadership experience promotes their future success while helping our Littles succeed in the present.


of the 29 graduating seniors successfully completed high school and will be pursuing higher education

Women in Entertainment

The Women in Entertainment Mentoring Program empowers young women who are beating the odds in the face of adversity, to excel by matching them with mentors who are among the entertainment industry’s most powerful and influential women leaders. As BBBSLA’s only competitive mentoring program, in addition to a year of mentorship at their mentor’s worksite, girls receive up to a $10,000 scholarship to pursue their higher education goals made possible through our program partners, The Hollywood Reporter, the Entertainment Industry Foundation, and Lifetime. Additionally, through the generosity of Loyola Marymount University and the William Morris Endeavor Foundation, two full-tuition scholarships were awarded in 2014 as a part of the program.


of girls in the WIE program were admitted to a 4 year university